About Dawtah

I’m a mom with two daughters—or as we say in the English-speaking Caribbean, “dawtahs”—and I have been thinking for a while about sharing with girls other than my own daughters some of the stuff my girls and I talk about. Why? Well, things are changing a lot for girls. This can be a crazy time and, with more parents and grandparents working, sometimes girls don’t get to talk to older females in the way they used to long ago. I think there’s value in having a big sister or a mom to give you advice about stuff. Not just hair and makeup and what to wear, but about your body and how it changes and relationships and school and all kinds of things.

You can read more about me here. Basically I live in Trinidad and Tobago and I’m a writer. I love babies and I love to cook and I’m a feminist and a mom and… yeah. That’s the important stuff for now, I guess.


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